James Spader - The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

September 19, 2014

I loved that story. I can just imagine the little girl sinking into her seat saying “Dad, why is your friend surrounding our car?” It would have only been better if James was driving the RV (like he told on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson) and the buses pulled up alongside of him.

"You didn’t have to kill him."
“I believe I will always do whatever I feel I have to do to keep you alive.”
“I held up my end of the deal. Now it’s your turn. You owe me an answer.”
“What’s the question?”
“Why me?”
“Because of your father.”
“What does that mean? Did you know my father? Have the two of you met somehow?”
“I wish the answer were as simple as the question seems. But the truth is, the question isn’t simple, either. I share your frustration.”
“You act like we’re the same. You’re wrong. I have a life, people who care about me. But you this is all you have.”
“I have you.”

"Lock it down. Stop! You were right. Maybe that was the FBI outside. In fact, maybe they’re not just outside. Maybe they’re right here in this room."
"Think hard before you accuse anybody of anything."


"As entertaining as all this has been, we really do need to leave now. The next sound you hear is gonna be the FBI knocking on your door, and I, for one, am not gonna be here. Wujing! Look at me!"
“You don’t kill one of my people. Now I have to kill one of yours.”
“The moment he sent that message, he became worthless to you. You would have beaten him for another 20 minutes and then killed him yourself. But if I let you kill a contractor of mine, I’ll lose the trust of all my others, and that’s just bad business. So if you kill her, you better kill me. Or I’m going to kill you.”

"What the hell is that? I swear, if I run into the same trouble I had with you in Hong Kong! In all the years you and I have known each other, I’ve never put you in a position like this. You know how I conduct my business. I don’t need this kind of crap. You assured me this place was secure."
“It is.”
“Then what the hell is that?! That van. It was there when we arrived, and it’s still there. That is the FBI. With all the scans, and wands, and this elevator you’ve built that goes down to middle earth, and you don’t even bother to sweep the street around your building? This is nonsense.”
“Calm down, old friend.”
“You’re under surveillance!”
“If the FBI was outside, it’s because you led them here.”
“I’ve been moving comfortably through the world for the past 20 years without a trace, and now some two-bit spy killer is gonna put my life and business in jeopardy? Unbelievable.”
“You see? Nothing. Now can we continue?”
“You should be ashamed of yourself. To put Ms. Givins and I at risk, it’s unprofessional. I’ve reached my limit.”
“What? Okay. Okay. You know, I’m sorry. I’ve had a rough day. Unbelievable. Should we do this?”

"I’m sorry. You’re decoding C.I.A. messages on behalf of the Chinese?"
“Now, you see, you make it sound like treason. So black and white. It’s not. It’s green.”

"Do you expect me to believe that — a secret meeting with the mysterious Wujing?"
“Intriguing, isn’t it?”
“He’s a myth.”
“That’s what they said about deep throat and the G-spot.”
“Say I do this. What’s in it for me?”
“Look at you, camel trading like a Bedouin.”
“If I’m gonna help you, I want something in return.”
“Such as?”
“The truth. Just once. I want to know why you chose me.”




Listening to Here with me - Susie Soh and Robot Koch, housemate comes in “Why are you hurting me with these feels” 


She keeps playing it!! The feels are everywhere. Lizzington will end me, one way or another.

I feel your feels. I was out this past weekend for dinner and Just Breathe came on in the restaurant. I was like “No! This is supposed to be a happy evening! Now I must sit here and stare off into the distance as I get hit upside the head with feelings!”