The Blacklist | S2E2

This scene alone should garner him an Emmy. How many actors can portray this depth without words? Also, a clarification - a tear was not shed by Red - see next to last gif. Thank you @selinabln!

^it may not have actually shed, but it damn near looks close to falling… left eye… it’s def. there.  guess he pulls it back in :(

eaglechica19, well, Megan mentioned Spader’s powers in a recent interview and tear retrieval may very well be one of them. He may have thought, “Nope, not gonna let it fall right now. Saving the tear for Jennifer or when Liz finally says, “You have me.”

^uuughghgh… you just shot me through the heart redandlizzie!  right in the feelz!!!

James is a very magical man!! 

I don’t think I can survive tears.



What was that back there?! You almost got me killed! — Liz
Sorry… wasn’t expecting the mirror to explode 3 feet from my face. Guess it took me a few seconds to regroup. — Ressler
More than a few. Your reaction time was crap. — Liz

Bullet fragment. Must have passed through the house on our way out.Okay, I know, I know, I know. Just stay still. Stay still. — Ressler
It’s bad? — Liz
Yeah, it’s bad. — Ressler
You know I can hear everything you’re saying?! — woman

Okay. Good, good, good, good, good. — Ressler
You’re not going to… — woman
I need you to stay still, okay? On the count of three, all right?
One… — Ressler




I can’t get over the feels. It’s incredible how he didn’t utter a single word to her, and yet he somehow SAID SO MUCH. I love his monologues, but this.. THIS is more impressive to me.

Still can’t deal with this, so here’s some more thoughts on the matter.

She 100% knew it was Red because Dembe called out for him when he started walking toward Berlin’s car.

But even before then, you just KNEW that she knew. Right when Dembe stopped walking, right in front of Red, she knew. And the way she stayed silent, I don’t know… there was something spoken in her silence too, though not AS WELL as Red’s. And I wonder if she could smell him, and if it was familiar.

And oh, the way Red lifted his hand for a moment, like he was just aching to touch her.. god. His jaw, tensed both to talk and hold back tears. But he stayed silent, and he didn’t touch her. He looked SORRY, just so, so, so sorry… like he knew that it would only cause her more pain if he did.

And of course this scene was also so very charged because Lizzie saved both his and Naomi’s lives by undoing the bank’s hold. Red didn’t know if he was going there to die or not, but he took the chance, and Lizzie came through for him.

It was just… everything. All of it.

His eyes and jaw clenching kill me. Unbelievable acting.




The scene with red and his wife…broke me.
He broke me…damn he’s good.

I had a feeling he wouldn’t remove the blindfold :( he wanted to sooooo bad, to hold her and comfort her, but thought that wasn’t fair to her after everything he’s put her through, inadvertently or not. She…

Punch in the gut.